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A distributed, real-time ordering, online inventory, fulfillment and shipping management system with robust client integration, management, web to print and reporting services.

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Inventory Management

We will keep a set number of books in inventory for you, also setting up a re-order point for your books. For example:

  • You currently have 50 books in inventory
  • The re-order point you set is 25
  • 25 books are ordered and shipped out
  • So, your new quantity in inventory is 25, reaching your set re-order point

When your books reach this specific re-order point, we will automatically put in a print order for your books based on the re-order quantity you set, will charge your account, and will put these books into inventory for you: we will make sure you always have books in inventory.

Once logged into your account, you can also view the history of your book in inventory.

Order Entry

You will be able to login to your clientnet account and order books to ship to yourself out of inventory.

Shopping Cart

Order Management

We will provide you with a shopping cart connection on your website linked directly to your inventory. Your shopping cart links directly into ClientNet, so we (or you) can fulfill the orders as they come in.

Sales Reports

We will give you access to a sales report for your books which can be viewed under Shipping Management in once logged into ClientNet.

  • Generate a Sales Report containing your entire Sales History.
  • Generate a Report between a Date Range.

Other MCA Software Solutions:

Custom Software Design

Using our core developed software modules we can offer customers integrated customized software design for the publishing, manufacturing and service industries, in the areas of information management, duplication, fulfillment, version control, inventory management, and distribution management software. Built to the specific needs of each customer’s areas needs.

Secure Data Center

We host our own server farm, which allows customers data to be in our complete control at all times. These facilities have complete back-up systems and data management services.

Off the shelf Software Integration

Using “off the self” software our development teams can put together customized links to reduce customer development costs along with giving them the best practices software for a specific area of need. We continue to monitor the market place to see what is new and proven for our customers.